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Upcoming Events


09/13/2023 NEW MEMBER CRAFT TALK Let’s Get to Know Lisa Wolzab


09/20/2023 THE LEGACY OF “SHARI LEWIS AND LAMB CHOPS” Presented by Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chops - Farrell Hirsch


09/27/2023 “WHAT IF IT ALL GOES RIGHT?” AMY SCRUGGS TV Host / Recording Artist / Media Coach / Best Selling Author


10/04/2023 ELECTION ISSUES AND PREDICTIONS Retired CSUF Professor Barbara Stone Informs and Entertains Rotary


10/18/2023 NEW MEMBER CRAFT TALK SHHS Principal Craig Weinreich - It Actually is “All About the Principal”


10/25/2023 ECONOMIC REPORT AND FORECAST CSUF Professor Mira Farka Provides Results of Current CSUF Study


11/22/2023 NEW MEMBER CRAFT TALK Learn to Trust Aaron Gregg - “How to Avoid a Contested Estate”


12/13/2023 ROTARY CHRISTMAS PARTY Evening Event at Coyote Hills – Dark at Lunchtime


12/20/2023 NEW MEMBER CRAFT TALK Be Careful When Smiling at Oral Surgeon Dr. Steven Miyamoto DDS


01/10/2024 * DOING BUSINESS IN THE DIGITAL AGE All Day Seminar at Fullerton College - Includes Free Parking


01/17/2024 NEW MEMBER CRAFT TALK – SHE’S OFFICIAL AFTER 45 YEARS Sally Williams Shares her Personal and Rotary Stories


01/24/2024 PIRACY ON THE HIGH SEAS A Personal Harrowing Story Told by Fullerton Rotarian Matt Howells


01/31/2024 NAVAL WEAPONS STATION IN HUNTINGTON BEACH Base Commander Captain Jessica O’Brien Shares the Strategic Role




05/08/2024 COMMUNITY INVESTMENT AWARDS CIA Recipients Join us at Rotary to Receive Their Donations


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