The charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Fullerton is the Fullerton Rotary Foundation. This Foundation was established on 12/26/1991 as a public charitable - 501(c)(3) Foundation to assure that Rotarian contributions to the Foundation qualify as charitable gifts and to establish an Endowment Fund that will financially implement the Rotary Community Service motto of “Service Above Self”. The Foundation’s Gifting Mission is based on the following criteria:

•    The Gift recipient should be Fullerton Community based with orientation toward youth.
•    The Gift should preferably be a one-time donation to meet a specific urgent need that would otherwise potentially be unmet.
•    Foundation giving should not duplicate any other Rotary Club donations.

The Foundation legally must have an independent Board selected by the Rotary Club that consists of 7 Directors, that would include a President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 other Directors, Club President Elect and Club President Past. The Director terms are for 3 years and can be re-elected for only another 3 years. The Club President Elect and Club President Past are 1 year terms. All Directors serve as cost free volunteers.

The Foundation Endowment Fund is currently developed by Rotary Club end of the year funds, member memorial funds and various member and others donations. These donations are invested in Mutual Funds freely managed by Eclectic Associates based on Board directed specific Mix of equities and bonds. The gifting awards provided by Endowment Fund profits were initialed in year 1999. These annual gifts are based on 5 percent of the Endowment Fund calendar year value and are selected by the above criteria. Based on future donations this fund could become the only source for all the Club’s Community “Service Above Help” efforts. Club members are encouraged to donate as much as they can to make this happen. 

The annual gifting awards are selected by the Club Awards Committee based on community requests that must be sponsored by a Club Member and approve by the Club and Foundation boards. Since there are no Fund administrative costs except for small repro and book-keeping expenses, donations are completely used for charity purposes. The past 17 years gifting experience involving over $186,000 total dollars (includes year 2016) is as follows:

•    1999 – Fullerton Union High School (FUHS) Renaissance Program
•    2000 – Children’s League of Fullerton urgently needed additional funds for bus transportation of 3rd grade students to the Arboretum “Heritage House.
•    2001 – same as above plus provided college scholarships.
•    2002 – Reading by Nine and 4 college scholarships.
•    2003 – Due to State budget cuts, 1-12 grade Schools had financial deficiencies and the Foundation decided to help and provided financial assistance to 3 schools.
•    2004 – 3-year program was initiated for 23 Fullerton schools or 1/3 of the total schools per year – Group I was provided a reasonable dollar valued award for library books and supplies.
•    2005 – Group II School awards were provided a reasonable dollar valued award for library books and supplies.
•    2006 – none
•    2007 – Group III School awards (2006 funds) for library books, music equipment and campus benches; 2007 funds accumulate for next year
•    2008 -  3 Awards to Troy High School Track Program Track Program for safe High Jump facilities improvements, Crittenton Services Mother/Baby Playground facilities on their campus and Fullerton Mother Goose Guild Laptop computers program for sick, isolated hospitalized children that need to communicate for school work and friends.
•    2009 – The 2 Endowment Awards were awarded to (1) Boy Scouts Troop # 93 for a new restroom, and (2) Boys & Girls Club – Youth Park Equipment Facilities.
•    2010 – Endowment Fund Awards were made to (1) YWCA for computer facilities and music programs, (2) Comfort Zone Boy Scouts Camp for 49 boys that have lost their parents and FUHS barn painting program. 
•    2011 – Endowment Fund 2011 fall awards were made to: (1) Sunny Hills HS New Engineering Laboratory for computers and facilities and (2) Arts for All the Kids – 1- 6th grade visual art facilities located in the mobile Elementary School buses.
•    2012- Awards were made to: (1) Women’s Transition Living Center (WTLC) for air conditioners and heaters, (2) Southern California College of Optometry Out-Reach Program for low income persons and students eye care, (3) FUHS Baseball Club for ball field facilities and (4) ACACIA Elementary School for 1st grade I-Pads to help improve their grades (new and highly successful program).
•    2013 - Awards for FUHS Athletics (water truck that serves many other organizations) and FUHS Choral Boaster Club for music facilities and the Boy Scout Troop #1993 trailer & camping equipment. 
•    2014 – 7 AWARDS; Acacia Elementary School STEM program, Troy HS Athletic & Boasters, Sunny Hills HS media programs, Women’s Transitional Living Center for security cameras, Fullerton Heritage and Coast to Coast Foundation to feed the homeless.
•    2015 – 7 AWARDS; Hermosa Drive Elementary School – Presentation equipment, Richman Elementary School – STEM tech equipment Girl Scout Troop@ Beechwood Elementary School 4th graders- garden supplies, Caterina’s Homeless Club- lodging and or food, Assistance League- school bell program, Coast to Coast Foundation-relocation 300 people back to their families and Rotary-Care-dental equipment.
•    2016 – Matching award with Division for 2:1 funding of furnishings for homeless children unfurnished home and others yet to be determined


The Foundation also financially manages several Rotary Club campaigns involving (1) Jog-a-Thon, (2) Community Investment Awards (CIA), and (3) a Sattler Memorial Fund that is managed by Bob Sattler.  Any donations to these activities must be done by checks addressed to the Fullerton Rotary Foundation.


The Donation Request Forms for the Endowment Fund and the CIA are enclosed below. They can be selected and downloaded by your computer for your processing. The CIA Request form will be provided after January 2017  for this process.

Rotary Endowment
Request Form